Minute Mentoring for Busy IT Professionals

Thursday, January 13 | 5:45PM–7:00PM | Harborside Ballroom D
Session Type: Professional Development
Managing your workload by sacrificing your personal life? Having trouble working with your colleagues? Going through yet another organizational change? Or are you just trying to find time to hone your leadership skills? Take a "minute" and sit down with successful CIOs and IT leaders in a relaxed setting to share new ideas, trade notes, and lay the foundation for future professional relationships. Stations will be set up around the room, allowing you to devote time to one hot topic for the full session or move to a new topic every 15 minutes. Several topics have been preselected. Are you dealing with any of these?

Robert Renaud--Working with Your CIO
Nadine Stern--Work-Life Balance
William Balint--Preparing for Leadership
Chip German--The Strategic Exercise of Power and Authority
Joy Hatch--Leading Change from Where You Are
Vicki Duggan--Managing Your Career


  • Bill Balint

    Chief Information Officer, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
  • Vicki Duggan

    Chief Compliance, Risk, and Ethics Officer, Montgomery College
  • Chip German

    Retired Program Director, Academic Preservation Trust, University of Virginia
  • Joy Hatch

    Vice President for Information Technology/CIO, Fairmont State University
  • Robert Renaud

  • Nadine Stern

    Deputy CIO, Princeton University