2012 EDUCAUSE Advanced Core Technologies Initiative (ACTI)/Common Solutions Group (CSG) Joint Meeting

ACTI 2012 Member Meeting Report and Presentations

2012 EDUCAUSE Advanced Core Technologies Initiative (ACTI) Annual Meeting was held in conjunction with the Common Solutions Group (CSG) Annual Meeting at Stanford University in Palo Alto, Calif. This joint meeting provided ACTI and CSG members with the opportunity to share and learn about common issues in a collaborative environment.

The meeting began with an ACTI members meeting the afternoon of Tuesday, January 10, and continue on Wednesday and Thursday morning with shared ACTI/CSG workshop sessions focusing on IT metrics and dashboards; strategic planning and service portfolios; and cloud applications. CSG hosted its members meeting Thursday afternoon through Friday morning.

A primary goal of ACTI is to help higher education institutions transfer wisdom with regard to core technology challenges across institutions. ACTI provides structures through which IT professionals can collaborate with their colleagues in preparing for the imminent future, and this joint meeting served as a way for ACTI to broaden that collaboration to other related groups in this space.

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