Librarian and Instructional Technologist: A Natural Pairing

Tuesday, March 27 | 2:30PM–3:30PM | St. Gallen, 2nd Floor
Session Type: Professional Development
With a diminishing budget and a hiring freeze, K-State Salina embraced the emerging trend of a combined position that pairs library services and instructional technology. This budget friendly position was created to meet the increased research needs brought about by a new university vision, graduate program, and the need for onsite instructional technology. Attendees will learn why the change was needed, how the merge was successfully justified and accepted by college administration, and the benefits and challenges witnessed since the merged position was implemented. Tips will include balancing both roles and integrating a new position in the library.


  • Lisa Craft

    Library Director/Instructional Designer, Kansas State University-Salina, College of Technology and Aviation

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