Measuring the Present: The Answer Key

Tuesday, March 27 | 9:30AM–11:15AM | Zurich C
Session Type: Professional Development
Everyone wants metrics. The problem is figuring out where you should start and how far you should go (the possibilities are endless). The Answer Key provides a framework for determining where you should start; how to obtain the greatest gains with the least risk; what measures to use to develop your metrics; where your current measurement system resides in a larger context; what you should stop collecting (because it doesn't fit); how much you should collect; and what measures should follow (what comes next?). The Answer Key, the result of decades of organizational metrics development, offers a practical guide for developing a meaningful metrics program.


  • Marty Klubeck

    Service Offering Manager, University of Notre Dame
  • Don Padgett

    Retired - Program Manager-Strategic Initiatives, University of Notre Dame

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