Mobile Connections: QR and NFC for Higher Ed

Thursday, January 12 | 12:45PM–1:30PM | Harborside Ballroom B
Session Type: Professional Development
The "Experience IT" format offers a hands-on, highly interactive introduction to newer tools and technologies so you can explore their potential impact in the workplace and classroom and on your professional development. Please bring your laptop or other session-specific technology (such as smartphone or tablet) to the session so you can engage with the presenter. Seating will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis.

This session will enable participants to use and experience QR Code and Near Field Communication (NFC) technologies in various applications that support university communities through the enhancement of teaching and learning and the extension of student engagement. Through a combination of presentation and hands-on exploration, participants will understand the potential and differences among these tools, as well as create their own QR codes and NFC-based tags. Examples of student scavenger hunts and teaching and learning using mobile data gathering will be demonstrated, after which participants will engage in a hands-on demonstration scavenger hunt and data-collection exercise.


  • David Middleton

    WW Education Architect, Microsoft Corporation
  • Michael Taylor

    Academic Director, CMRI/AssociateProfessor, Seton Hall University