"Listening" with Social Media in the Higher Ed Classroom

Thursday, May 30 | 11:45AM–12:30PM | Buckhead Ballroom, Lobby Level
Session Type: Professional Development

Smart phones, social media, and students wanting to be connected at all times can provide distractions and challenges in the classroom. This session suggests that students' constant connection to social media, particularly Twitter, can be used as a tool by educators to enhance learning, engage students, and extend the learning environment using a platform that students use seamlessly. During this session, attendees will participate in an interactive demonstration while learning about new university research initiatives in social media listening and how to use free tools to "listen" to Twitter conversations for gathering real-world data, teaching, or training.


  • Hope Carroll

    Instructional Technologist/Doctoral Student, Clemson University
  • Ericka Hollis

    Regis College
  • Marjorie Shavers

    Assistant Professor, Morehead State University

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