The Higher Ed Guide for the Corporate Community: Self Paced

April 3–28, 2023

Colleges and universities have unique cultures, structures, and governance. The Higher Ed Guide for the Corporate Community: Self Paced program is designed to help those new to working with higher education understand the organizational structures, decision-making and strategic planning processes, procurement practices, funding models and approaches, stakeholders and influencers, and more. This self-paced, online, four-week program will be 100% asynchronous with two optional synchronous live sessions for Q&A with faculty. With resources curated by senior higher education leaders, this program will help participants develop the skills needed to be successful in navigating and working with the higher education environment.

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  • Program Dates

    Program Dates

    April 3–28, 2023

  • Duration


    Four weeks

  • Time Commitment

    Time Commitment

    3-5 hours per competency

  • Who Should Attend

    Who Should Attend?

    Anyone new to higher education, including those doing business or partnering with colleges and universities.

  • Program Delivery

    Program Delivery

    (Self Paced and Asynchronous)

  • Credential


    Successful completers receive a digital microcredential.


About Attending This Program

This intensive, 100% asynchronous, self-paced, four-week program is designed to support opportunities for applied learning and coaching, and is supported by faculty in the competency areas below. Although this program is self paced, we ask that participants plan the time they will spend on the program. Each competency below is delivered with diverse learning materials, resources, and activities in support of in-depth learning and immediate application.

  • Higher Education Organizational Structures: Understand the various institutional models and how governance is structured, positioned and operationalized.
    • Includes support for understanding governance models, institutional types, leadership reporting structures, and how each of these impacts technology investment decisions.
  • Stakeholders and Influencers of Technology Decisions: Understand various stakeholders and their level of influence on organizational decision-making.
    • Includes support for understanding higher education roles and hierarchies, institutional authority structures, and how various leaders influence technology investments.
  • Technology Planning and Funding: Understand higher education strategic planning processes and how to support and engage with them at the appropriate level and time.
    • Includes support for understanding an institution’s strategic plan; how strategic models influence technology funding, purchasing, and decision making; and how to cultivate and manage relationships with institutional technology leaders.
  • The Procurement Process: Evaluate how organizational procurement processes intersect with product assessment, review, identification, and selection.
    • Includes support for understanding the procurement process, navigating funding models, the sales cycle's impact on technology budgets, and how governance affects procurement funding.

Optional Q&A Meetings with Faculty

There are two optional opportunities for Q&A with faculty during a synchronous session. Faculty are always available asynchronously for questions as well. See the Q&A schedule in the agenda page.

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We recommend that learners plan on 3–5 hours of work per competency to have an engaged and successful learning experience.

Coaching and Mentoring Opportunities

As part of your enrollment in this program, you have the opportunity to receive coaching from an experienced leader from the higher education community.

EDUCAUSE also hosts a 1:1 virtual mentoring program for members, including our corporate community members. View the Mentoring Program details →

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    Feb 15

    Registration Open

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    Apr 3

    Program Begins

    The Higher Ed Guide for the Corporate Community: Self Paced program begins on April 3, 2023.

    Apr 28

    Program Ends

    The Higher Ed Guide for the Corporate Community: Self Paced program ends on April 28, 2023.