Learning Lab | Planning for Academic Careers in Higher Education

This Learning Lab has been cancelled.


Technology professionals are among the original alternative academics, or alt-acs. We lead, manage, deploy, and use information technology to advance higher education. Although were expected to be well prepared to do technical work, less certainty surrounds our college, university, and organizational roles when we interact, collaborate, and advocate beyond the technology silo with colleagues who are scholars, researchers, instructors, and campus leaders. In this course, you’ll learn career-development strategies for how technology professionals can understand, support, join, and thrive in the larger community of higher education.

Learning Outcomes:

NOTE: You will be asked to complete assignments in between the Learning Lab segments that support the learning outcomes stated below. You will receive feedback and constructive critique from course facilitators.

  • Identify and translate current skills for an academic higher education environment to enable new job opportunities
  • Prepare for college and university roles in curriculum design, program planning, institutional research, and accessibility
  • Discover and cultivate opportunities for professional and career development

Target Audience

Instructional designers, IT professionals, graduate students, newer members of EDUCAUSE


Thomas J. Tobin Thomas J. Tobin, Teaching & Learning Consultant, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Kevin Kelly Kevin Kelly, Lecturer Faculty, Consultant & Author, San Francisco State University