Collaborating toward Better IT Accessibility

Thursday, May 01 | 11:45AM–12:30PM | Laurel AB
Session Type: Professional Development

Many of our enterprise systems erect huge barriers for students with disabilities, obstructing students' opportunities for success and placing our institutions at legal risk. Web and IT accessibility techniques are well-documented and standardized by the World Wide Web consortium and the U.S. Access Board. However, many vendors of IT products continue to innovate and roll out product with little or no regard for accessibility. In this interactive, action-driven discussion, participants will share knowledge, promising practices, and explore ideas focusing on how we can all collaborate to have a greater influence on the state of accessibility among enterprise systems.We will specifically look at areas such as procurement and web compliance to discuss best practices of what has worked and what could be improved upon.


Explore the advantages of collaboration for improving the state of IT accessibility * Develop awareness of existing (and new) opportunities to participate in accessibility efforts * List a set of self-assigned action items that you can apply to improve IT accessibility