Planning a Quality Roadmap to Reinvent and Improve Services

Thursday, January 29 | 9:30AM–11:00AM | Marina Ballroom D
Session Type: Professional Development
Universities establish their strategic direction for how an organization will identify, adopt, and apply information technologies to complement its educational mission into the future. A well-coordinated plan requires IT management focused on quality services to establish a foundation for collaboration, alignment, and execution. Shared insights from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln's future-focused planning and the University of New Mexico's quality-centered management approach to engage faculty, students, and our communities demonstrates the journey to lead, measure, and collaborate.

OUTCOMES: Focus IT organizational efforts on engaging and reaching customers * Develop and implement a vision to achieve a competitive advantage * Evaluate the tools and professional development needed for the organization and its employees to work differently with an emphasis on quality measures


  • Bryan Kinnan

    Director, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

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