The Signal and the Noise in Student Success

Wednesday, March 02 | 11:15AM–12:00PM | Colorado Ballroom CD, Lower Level 2
Session Type: Professional Development
Undergraduate retention and completion rates are the subject of national interest, and questions of cost, value, and quality remain the focus of public debate. Join this interactive workshop to explore ways of collecting, sharing, and then presenting data that lead to effective action. What historic data are most useful to mine? How can data be collected in near real time to produce alerts? How might you move beyond data mining and alerts to predictive modeling that works? How is all of this connected to institutional quality and accreditation?

OUTCOMES: Get an example of a high-impact data presentation * Learn about software solution strategies and products in the rapidly developing student success market * Learn about data collection via passive-sensing technology


  • Randy Stiles

    Associate Vice President, Analytics and Institutional Research, Grinnell College

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