EDUCAUSE Digital Learning Innovators Institute

March 13–May 5, 2023

The EDUCAUSE Digital Learning Innovators Institute is for professionals whose campus role involves envisioning, designing, and supporting meaningful change in the learning organization. The institute will equip learners with a framework to make informed decisions that can impact meaningful, context-based change opportunities. All sessions have been carefully designed to provide choice and options to suit different roles and contexts. Throughout the program, participants are immersed in a case-based experience while engaged in applied, active learning.

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  • Program Dates

    Program Dates

    March 13–May 5, 2023

  • Duration


      8 weeks

  • Time Commitment

    Time Commitment

    5-10 hours per week

  • Who Should Attend

    Who Should Attend?

    Early to mid-career higher education professionals who contribute to and support digital learning projects and initiatives.

  • Program Delivery

    Program Delivery

    (Synchronous and Asynchronous)

  • Credential


    Successful completers receive the DLI Institute digital microcredential.


About Attending This Institute

All EDUCAUSE Institutes are built around the following core themes, which you'll learn more about in the program: diversity, equity, and inclusion; student success; and digital transformation. We believe in a humanized, learner-centered approach that supports communities of learning and networking.

This intensive, eight-week institute engages participants in interactive live sessions, offers small applied team projects designed to support networking and learning, and provides coaching with the faculty. We ask that participants actively plan the time they will spend on the institute each week, even on a daily basis. Each competency below is delivered with diverse learning materials, resources, activities, and capstone projects in support of in-depth learning, immediate application, and networking.

  • Envision Meaningful Change: Analyze context-driven challenges and opportunities to design meaningful digital learning change. 
    • Includes support for evaluating the context and agency of your role, identifying outcomes, and examining potential barriers and opportunities that may influence change initiatives.
  • Make Informed Decisions: Make informed decisions using relevant information for your context.
    • Includes support for formulating clear and meaningful questions, gathering relevant information, soliciting feedback from relevant stakeholders, and collecting and presenting data.
  • Explore Contemporary Issues and Trends: Promote meaningful change via strategic integration of relevant educational trends, innovations, or technologies.
    • Includes support for identifying emergent technologies and contemporary trends, differentiating innovation from hype by exploring the relevance/value of contemporary educational trends including models of design.
  • Design a Change Initiative: Design an impact project and action plan to be implemented at your institution.
    • Includes support for identifying models of design, design thinking, implementation plans and timelines, next-steps documents, data stories, and process adoption.
  • Advance Actionable Change: Promote actionable change via effective project management, advocacy, and communication.
    • Includes support for effective project management, presentations, collaborations, challenges, and academic communication.

Weekly Meetings

Once a week, we will hold a live, synchronous online meeting to discuss resources, activities, and projects. These meetings will be a combination of short talks, discussion, and opportunities for questions. See full meeting schedule in the agenda page.

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Learners are expected to dedicate approximately 5-10 hours per week (synchronous and asynchronous) to have an engaged and successful learning experience.

Coaching and Mentoring Opportunities

As part of your enrollment in this institute, you have the opportunity to receive coaching and mentoring from an experienced leader from the higher education community. The post-institute mentoring opportunity lasts for three months and enables a one-on-one connection for the duration of this time.