EDUCAUSE Executive Leaders Academy

The newly designed EDUCAUSE Executive Leaders Academy is a hybrid, cohort-based, immersive and applied learning experience for higher education executive leaders or those actively seeking executive positions. This seven-month program begins online, continues with an in-person component at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference (included in registration fee), and resumes online, featuring experts and thought leaders in key areas throughout.

September 11, 2023 – April 26, 2024
Hybrid: In Person and Online

*NOTE: Attendance at the 2023 EDUCAUSE Annual Conference is included and required.

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  • Program Dates

    Program Dates

    September 11, 2023–April 26, 2024

  • Duration


    7 months

  • Time Commitment

    Time Commitment

    3-5 hours per week

  • Who Should Attend

    Who Should Attend?

    For those actively seeking, new, or in experienced senior/executive leader positions in higher education.

  • Program Delivery

    Program Delivery

    In Person and Online
    *NOTE: Attendance at the 2023 EDUCAUSE Annual Conference is included and required.

  • Credential


    Successful completers receive the Executive Leaders Academy digital microcredential.

83% of Executive Leaders Academy alumni are in executive-level roles.

About the Academy

The Academy is focused on intentional leadership for professionals in higher education information technology, teaching and learning, information security, or innovation.

Built around the core themes of diversity, equity, and inclusion, student success, and digital transformation, the Academy begins with a 360-degree assessment to provide insight into your values and leadership knowledge and skills. While in the Academy, you’ll also work with a mentor, you’ll engage with an executive recruiter, and develop an expanded network of colleagues–all to help you reflect upon and develop your professional competencies and brand.

  • Leadership Foundations: Gain insight into your values and leadership knowledge and skills; learn how to coach and be coached; reflect upon and develop your personal and professional brand.
    • Includes support for value-based leadership, coaching, personal brand, and engaging with the academy cohort.
  • Leading a Data-Informed Culture: Understand how to build a data-empowered culture and leverage data analytics/intelligence to support institutional goals.
    • Includes support for explaining the strengths and weaknesses of different organizational models for data and analytics; data adding value to various areas of institutions; understanding how different aspects of data infrastructure make a strong data and analytics ecosystem; and using a data and analytics maturity model to assess institution-wide data management capabilities and use of analytics.
  • Collaboration and Impact: Explore collaboration frameworks to move institutional initiatives and strategic goals forward.
    • Includes support for determining effective collaboration principles, articulating a collaborative approach, and identifying barriers, opportunities, and key stakeholders for collaboration.
  • Business Acumen and Action: Empower your leadership by exploring ways to increase your business acumen at the highest levels of the institution.
    • Includes support for Identifying business acumen skills for strategic efforts, developing a communication strategy for initiatives, and enhancing influence and business skills.
  • Transformation and Change: Understand and apply tools and ideas for leading transformational changes critical to success at your institution.
    • Includes support for supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion as a driver of change, articulating a transformational change model for your leadership, learning from successful change initiatives, and incorporating data and design practices into your leadership.
  • Organizational Design: Review and reimagine the current and future design of your organization and its relationship with other stakeholders.
    • Includes support for applying key components of organizational design, creating opportunities for DEI practices, understanding the cultural practices of your organization, and developing strategies to support high-performing teams.
  • Ongoing Leadership Journey: Reflect on the academy and your leadership journey to develop a plan to continue your development and growth.
    • Includes support for informing future opportunities for growth, developing a plan to foster a network of colleagues, identifying mentors and coaches, and developing a plan to optimize your leadership brand.

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Learners are expected to dedicate approximately 3-5 hours per week (synchronous and asynchronous) to have an engaged and successful learning experience.

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  • Key Dates

    May 1

    Registration Open

    Registration will open in May.

    Sep 11

    Academy Begins

    The Executive Leaders Academy begins on September 11, 2023.

    Apr 26

    Academy Ends

    The Executive Leaders Academy concludes on April 26, 2024.

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