EDUCAUSE Managers Institute

June 13–August 26, 2022

The EDUCAUSE Managers Institute is for higher education managers with 3 to 5 years of experience. The institute provides an immersive, applied learning experience in support of engaging and motivating people, management values and decisions, effective organizational communication, team development and optimization, financial management, and project prioritization control.

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  • Program Dates

    Institute Dates

    June 13–August 26, 2022

  • Duration


    11 weeks

  • Time Commitment

    Time Commitment

    5-10 hours per week

  • Who Should Attend

    Who Should Attend?

    Higher education managers with 3-5 years of experience

  • Program Delivery

    Program Delivery

    (Synchronous and Asynchronous)

  • Credential


    Successful completers receive the Managers Institute digital microcredential.


About Attending This Institute

All EDUCAUSE Institutes are designed around the following core themes, which you'll learn more about in the institute: diversity, equity, and inclusion, student success, and digital transformation. We believe in a humanized, learner-centered approach that supports communities of learning and networking.

This intensive, 11-week institute engages participants in interactive live sessions, offers small applied team projects designed to support networking and learning, and provides coaching with the faculty. Each competency below is delivered with diverse learning materials, resources, activities, and capstone projects in support of in-depth learning, immediate application, and networking.

  • Management Values and Decisions: Evaluate personal and organizational values that align with and enhance your management goals.
    • Includes support for promoting diversity and inclusion, developing emotional intelligence, and learning to apply ethical decision-making.
  • Organizational Communication: Develop communication strategies that allow information to be clearly articulated to different stakeholders.
    • Includes support for developing communication styles, managing relationships, conflict management, and negotiation and persuasion.
  • Team Development and Optimization: Implement strategies for maximizing performance with individuals and teams.
    • Includes support for developing effective teams, managing performance, and strategies for managing workload.
  • Financial Management: Execute a financial strategy that maximizes resources and manages constraints.
    • Includes support for overcoming budgeting challenges, competing for funding, executing a budgeting strategy, and soft skills for budgeting.
  • Project Prioritization and Controls: Employ techniques for effectively managing all elements within a project.
    • Includes support for stakeholder management, task and resource prioritization, time and meeting management, and capturing and using data.

Weekly Meetings 

Once a week, we will hold a live, synchronous online meeting to discuss resources, activities, and assessments. These meetings will combine lecture, discussion, and opportunities for questions. See full meeting schedule in the agenda page.

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Learners are expected to dedicate approximately 5-10 hours per week (synchronous and asynchronous) to have an engaged and successful learning experience.

Coaching and Mentoring Opportunities

As part of your enrollment in this institute, you have the opportunity to receive coaching and mentoring from one of the institute's faculty or an experienced leader from the higher education community. The post institute mentoring opportunity lasts for three months, and enables a one-on-one connection for the duration of that time.

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  • Key Dates

    Sep 6

    Registration Open

    Registration will open in September.

    Jun 13

    Institute Begins

    The Managers Institute begins on June 13, 2022.

    Aug 26

    Institute Ends

    The Managers Institute concludes on August 26, 2022.