EDUCAUSE Institute Senior Directors Program

July 22–25, 2019
Salt Lake City, Utah

This Senior Directors Program is designed for leaders like you, who are looking to expand your perspective, deepen your understanding, and develop the skills needed to effectively lead in this important role. You will learn more about the context in which higher education IT leadership takes place, identify the skills and abilities necessary to help drive engagement, influence strategy and decisions, build relationships, and communicate effectively across your institution.

About Attending this Program

The Senior Directors Program is a professional development program for leaders currently serving in higher education as senior directors or aspiring to serve in senior director roles within the next year. This program is tailored to address high-level campus wide and leadership issues, while focusing on developing skills to effectively communicate, build and execute shared vision, and contribute and lead change efforts. In addition, you will learn about broader issues that impact your work, and identify resources to help you provide leadership and vision to your organizations. The intensive four-day institute engages participants in interactive sessions throughout the day and into the evening. This program provides an invaluable opportunity to network and share information and experiences with peers and highly experienced leaders.

This program is offered by application only with a selection and review process.

During the Senior Directors Program Participants Address:

  • What it means to be a Senior Director

  • Key strategies for leading up, down, and across the institution

  • The value of strategic vision in creating an effective organization

  • Why Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion matters for an evolving IT workforce

  • How digital transformation impacts cultural, workforce, technological across an institution

  • Broader issues that impact your work

If this program is not right for you, please check out the other EDUCAUSE Institute Programs offered in July 2019.

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  • Key Dates

    Jun 10

    Early Bird Registration and Application Deadline

    Submit your application and register by June 10 for early registration rates.

    Jul 21

    Badge Pickup

    Plan to arrive on Sunday, July 21 to pick up your badge and join us for an optional evening meet and greet.

    Jul 22

    Program Starts

    Program sessions will begin at 8:00 a.m. on Monday, July 22.

    Jul 25

    Program Ends

    The Senior Directors Program will conclude at 9:00 p.m. on Thursday, July 25.


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