Thursday, July 21 | 1:00AM–1:00AM

Narrowcasting 101: Using Blogs, Podcasts, and Videoblogs in Higher Education

A key element of the new Web is narrowcasting, which includes Weblogs, podcasts, and video blogs. Practices surrounding narrowcasting that use RSS feeds and aggregators to distribute increasingly rich amateur content are creeping onto our campuses. This session will explore several facets of narrowcasting and the new Web. What is narrowcasting? Where did it come from, and where is it going? How might narrowcasting fit into a campus e-portfolio or course management system? What are the implications of having increasingly media-rich (and resource-intensive) content on campus? How can we filter and focus all of this new content? Join us to explore the vibrant and rapidly evolving world of Weblogs, podcasts, and video blogging and their potential impact on teaching and learning.


  • Cyprien Lomas

    Assistant Dean, Learning Technologies, and Director, LFS Learning Centre, The University of British Columbia
  • Nick Noakes

    Director, Center for Education Innovation, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

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