Tuesday, February 15 | 1:00AM–1:00AM

The Sakai Project: Outcomes, Reflections, and What's Next

In just over a year, the Sakai Project has become one of higher education's most visible open source projects. With an aggressive agenda to develop and deploy a new Collaboration and Learning Environment (CLE), the Sakai Project has put out two major software releases, developed an Educational Partner's Program with 70 members around the world and five commercial affiliates, and demonstrated a model for community source software development among colleges and universities.

Indiana University and the University of Michigan independently chose the open source path and joined forces with MIT and Stanford and, with a generous grant from the Mellon Foundation, formed the Sakai Project. Both institutions are well into implementation and extension of open source teaching and learning systems. This session will report on the Sakai Project software, the strategy choices at Michigan and Indiana, and what's next.


  • Brad Wheeler

    James H. Rudy Professor of Information Systems, Indiana University

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