Thursday, April 26 | 1:00AM–1:00AM

Developing and Implementing Successful Intellectual Property Policies for Online Courses

The control of intellectual property, including copyright, by higher education constituents is an increasingly important focus of national and institutional policy debates. Over the past 20 years, the influx of technology and the resulting digitization of knowledge, especially in the areas of instructional technology and distance education, have brought intellectual property to the forefront of contested issues in higher education. Campuses across the country are reconsidering and revising intellectual property policies, especially in the area of copyrighted materials, including software and instructional technologies. Traditional notions of ownership, control, and use of educational materials are being challenged by the revolution in communications technology. This seminar will review various existing policies, highlight exemplary policies, and make recommendations on policy development and implementation.


  • Veronica Diaz

    Senior Director, Professional Learning and Develop, EDUCAUSE
  • Patricia McGee

    Associate Professor, Emeritus, University of Texas at San Antonio

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