Friday, August 22 | 1:00AM–1:00AM

The Strategic Impacts of New Technologies on Higher Education: Ithaka's Research Program

Ithaka's research group studies how new technologies are affecting higher education and how colleges and universities can best manage these changes in four discrete program areas: providing academia with the policy basis needed to transition effectively and responsibly away from print collections and toward increasingly electronic-only collections; helping information-services organizations meet the needs of scholars by understanding their changing attitudes and practices; improving the community's understanding of how new information resources drive teaching and learning practices; and analyzing strategies for the most effective possible dissemination of knowledge from colleges and universities to researchers, students, and other learners. This presentation will review these areas of work and highlight some key findings, encouraging discussion about these and other key strategic issues facing higher education.


  • Roger Schonfeld

    Program Director, Ithaka S+R, ITHAKA

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