Tuesday, December 17 | 12:00PM–1:00PM
Session Type: Professional Development

Today's challenging economic climate has led some to speculate that there are concomitant changes in the higher education IT workforce-more outsourcing, lower staff morale, and steeper competition for IT talent in higher education. ECAR studied the characteristics of the current IT workforce and IT work environment for CIOs, managers, and nonmanagerial staff. During this presentation, you'll learn about the changes that have occurred in the organizational climate of higher education IT in the past three years. Hear about which IT roles are changing, what skills are necessary for current IT staff, which factors affect IT salaries, and whether and why IT staff are leaving. We will also discuss the reorganization efforts of IT departments, factors that are important in maintaining an IT workforce for the foreseeable future, and factors that account for variance in morale in IT departments.