Tuesday, August 12 | 2:00PM–3:00PM
Session Type: Professional Development

As we look to the future of IT services in higher education, five things are almost certain: (1) demand for IT services and infrastructure will continue to grow; (2) off-premise (cloud) services will be increasingly leveraged; 3) collaborative (social) and mobile services will become the norm; (4) digital will develop into the preferred means of information and entertainment distribution and consumption; and (5) no one is going to show up with a wheelbarrow full of money to address all of our institutions' IT wants and needs. Growing demands, coupled with increasingly scarce funding creates an interesting challenge for us. If we hope to earn (or keep) a seat at our university's leadership table, it is essential that we continually discover solutions that help us deliver more value with existing resources and concurrently innovate. In this EDUCAUSE Live Webcast, we will explore areas in which demand is growing for IT service and identify areas that could become sources of funding to support innovation and new services. Participants will engage in a conversation regarding their ideas and challenges that can be shared with colleagues across higher education.


  • Diana Oblinger

    President Emeritus, EDUCAUSE Alumni

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