Hands-On and Online: Scientific Experimentation at a Distance (Research-Based)

Wednesday, February 16 | 10:30AM–11:30AM | Lincoln West
Session Type: Professional Development
Laboratory experiments are often considered the cornerstone of science courses. Experimentation provides students with real-world contexts for applying scientific concepts while also allowing them to develop critical thinking skills and promoting scientific literacy. In this research study, we explored how experimentation can be integrated with scientific content in an online environment. In addition, we investigated the ways in which students engaged in scientific processes as they conducted relevant and real-world experiments. An analysis of three science courses demonstrated that distance learning students can successfully perform lab experiments from their own locations.

Learning Objectives
* Understand that appropriate laboratory activities can be integrated with content in an online learning environment.
* Learn that these online labs can be designed to incorporate the tools and methods of science.
* Understand that students can develop scientific process skills from their own locations.
* See how these study findings are applicable to science educators' own teaching practices.


  • Ken Charuk

    Instructional Designer, SUNY Empire State University
  • Mary Mawn

    Assistant Professor, SUNY Empire State University

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