ELI Annual Meeting 2012

The 2012 Annual Meeting explored a rich matrix of themes that captured the key opportunities and challenges facing the teaching and learning community. Just within the space of the past year, open educational content and the ubiquity of even smarter mobile devices have shifted the teaching and learning landscape and the way we think about what constitutes learning environments. Increased reliance on cloud-based resources has created new opportunities for innovation but also presented us with important policy and privacy issues. There is new emphasis on evaluation, learning effectiveness, and accountability. Some of the questions confronting us include:

  • What are the new challenges and opportunities associated with digital literacy, especially in light of the arrival of mobile computing?
  • What are the methods and ways we have to assess the effectiveness of our innovations, practices, and programs?
  • How does an institution address and incorporate the emerging field of learning analytics?
  • Are social media and social networking living up to their potential to accelerate our progress toward active learning engagements?

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