Are Devices the Focus? Mobile Approaches to Classroom Engagement - Sponsored by Apple and furniture provided by Herman Miller

Wednesday, February 15 | 10:30AM–11:30AM | Salon G
Session Type: ELI
Faculty are frequently concerned by students who bring mobile devices to class. Worried that these students may become a distraction, some faculty have resorted to banning mobile technology from the classroom entirely. Yet mobile phones are simply a symptom of a growing interest in connection and conversation. As educators explore ways of reconceiving the classroom, how might we leverage the affordances of mobile devices to enable greater student involvement in face-to-face meetings? This presentation will explore practical, hands-on examples of how mobile devices can be used to enable student engagement in the classroom.


  • Kyle Bowen

    Deputy CIO, Arizona State University
  • Kyle Dickson

    Learning Studio director, Abilene Christian University