Assessing Teaching and Learning in Technology-Infused TILE Classrooms at The University of Iowa

Tuesday, February 14 | 12:30PM–1:30PM | Meeting Room 616A/B
Session Type: ELI
Researchers from The University of Iowa will present the results of a mixed-methods assessment study of teaching and learning in technology-infused classrooms that support collaborative learning. Students tended to value these classrooms more when they believed that the design of instruction was appropriate for the special environment. Students with lower ACT scores also, on average, were more enthusiastic about returning to take classes in these rooms. The researchers will also engage participants in activities centered on designing and carrying out assessment research that can benefit various groups involved in supporting how faculty use technology-based instructional innovations.

Learning Objectives:
*Develop a better understanding of how to combine quantitative and qualitative research methods for evaluating the effectiveness of technology-based instructional innovations*Gain knowledge about how technology-infused classrooms can be a factor in improving the persistence of students with lower ACT scores
*Construct research questions related to teaching and learning in technology-based instructional innovations and map out strategies to find answers to those questions
*Build strategies for sharing the results of assessment research with partners who facilitate the training and in support of faculty who use technology to enhance teaching and learning