Beyond the Digital Divide: Reimagining Learning in a World of Social and Technological Change

Wednesday, February 15 | 9:00AM–10:00AM | Salon H
Session Type: ELI
A greater diversity of young people in the United States are using digital media than ever before. So, why do issues related to technology, diversity, and equity continue to matter today? Author and researcher S. Craig Watkins explores this question with nuance, insight, and brand-new research data. Over the past four years Watkins has been working in schools, afterschool programs, and summer programs to better understand what he calls the "digital edge": those schools, communities, students, and teachers who are embracing digital media in the face of significant social, financial, educational, and familial challenges. In this talk he will discuss the changing nature of the digital divide, the elusive promise of digital literacy, and the quest to build a better digital world.


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