BioBook: An adaptable E-text That Integrates Proven Learning Principles with Cloud Accessibility and Extended Social Networking

Wednesday, February 15 | 9:00AM–11:00AM | Grand Ballroom Foyer
Session Type: ELI
Often general biology textbooks do not support learning adequately. We developed BioBook, a scalable e-text embodying the NRC's six central principles of learning. It is organized into self-contained "nodes" that can be revised or reorganized for different courses and learners' needs. Each node connects clear learning goals with text, multimedia, informal assessments, note-taking, and social media tools. Unlike single-device e-texts, students can access their personal notes and content with a variety of HTML5-compliant devices. Analytics let instructors track students' progress and identify concepts needing reinforcement. User feedback plus demographic and outcomes data inform a continuous revision process.

Learning Objectives:
*Help us demonstrate BioBook by logging in as "students"
*Participate in a microblog plus online poll to capture and prioritize perceived barriers to adoption
*Give suggestions on how to mitigate these potential barriers
*Contribute to (with their permission) the BioBook's Administrative Procedures Manual, which will be released at the same time as the BioBook open-source installation module


  • Kristin Bennett

    Assistant Professor, In Mind Consulting
  • Dan Johnson

    Senior Lecturer in Biology, Wake Forest University