Can I Get a Handout? Strategies for Providing Timely Resources Without Sacrificing Quality

Monday, February 13 | 3:45PM–6:00PM | Grand Ballroom Foyer
Session Type: ELI
At the University of Michigan Graduate Library, updating instructional technology workshop handouts and resources takes a significant amount of staff time and effort. We have explored ways to slim down current handouts and leverage online resources created inside and outside the University of Michigan while still maintaining quality. Software websites provide step-by-step instructions and resources for programs we teach in workshops and consultations. By looking at how different user groups engage with our handouts and resources and the ways they learn software and technology, we can gain the knowledge needed to provide content in the most effective and efficient way.
Learning Objectives:
*Learn how different user groups currently engage with print handouts
*Learn about user software support needs
*Learn about preferences for learning new software or technologies
*Learn about the effectiveness of online guides to disseminate information


  • Melissa Gomis

    Instructional Technology Librarian, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor