Expect the Unexpected: Implementing a Flexible Classroom Designed by Faculty and Students

Monday, February 13 | 3:45PM–6:00PM | Grand Ballroom Foyer
Session Type: ELI
Classroom.NEXT is a radically flexible classroom designed by faculty and students at Texas Wesleyan University. In spite of some early glitches, the classroom quickly became a superlative classroom for interactive, collaborative, and inquiry-driven teaching and learning. In this hands-on session, complete with an interactive game, we will share lessons learned after one semester in classroom.NEXT, including lessons on teaching and learning in flexible learning spaces and lessons for implementing new learning spaces.

Learning Objectives:
*Articulate the main components of the Classroom.NEXT classroom and program
*Apply early assessment data from faculty and students to similar projects at their institution
*Use a variety of collaborative tools to interact with other participants and the presenters
*Outline a plan for addressing lessons learned in their learning space projects
*Identify how similar projects could be replicated at their institution


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