Learning Analytics

Tuesday, February 14 | 5:15PM–6:15PM | Meeting Room 615A/B
Session Type: ELI
Join us for this learning circle on learning analytics, where these questions will guide our discussion: *How might analytics inform the teaching and learning process? In other words, we have to partner with the faculty in the design of research into student success, but how do these "findings" then inform redesign of courses, especially in active learning pedagogies like peer instruction, team-based learning, and problem-based learning?
*How are you using (or how would you like to use) data from analytics tools to effect meaningful improvements?
*How can we share useful data across institutions?
*How do we interpret the data? Who can help with this?


  • Gardner Campbell

    Associate Professor of English, Virginia Commonwealth University
  • John Fritz

    Assoc. VP, Instructional Technology, University of Maryland, Baltimore County