Leveraging ConnectYard to Improve Student Engagement and Learning Outcomes

Tuesday, February 14 | 4:00PM–5:00PM | Meeting Room 602
Session Type: ELI
Having identified student engagement and retention as key focus areas, UTPA is leveraging social media and mobile technology to increase student engagement and build community by using ConnectYard in online courses to enhance students' academic experience. A diverse student population and varied course offerings challenged UTPA to keep in touch with students on a regular basis. For UTPA, the ConnectYard solution offered the most social media options and could seamlessly integrate into the LMS. UTPA students and faculty can maintain their privacy and select communications channels like Facebook, Twitter, text message, e-mail, and more based on their personal preferences to send and receive messages.


  • Mike Norris

    Director Business Development, ConnectYard, Inc.