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Tuesday, February 14 | 12:30PM–1:30PM | Salon G
Session Type: ELI
Special Collections Using Augmented Reality to Enhance Learning and Teaching (SCARLET)
Matt Ramirez, SCARLET AR Development Officer, Mimas, University of Manchester
The SCARLET project is pioneering augmented reality (AR) using mobile devices to enhance students' use of special collections (SC) in libraries; bringing SCs into the age of the app. AR enables students to simultaneously experience the magic of primary materials while enhancing the learning experience by "surrounding" the object with digitized content. Learning and teaching is embedded at the heart of this innovative project, ensuring the focus remains on the student experience and not the technology. The session will describe current work to evaluate AR's effectiveness in helping students interrogate Dante texts and place materials in context.

Give Students More Work and They'll Thank You: Using Technology to Implement Constructivist Techniques
Autumn Sutherlin, Associate Professor of Biochemistry, Abilene Christian University
Biochemistry is a difficult subject to learn because it requires the memorization and evaluation of large amounts of material. This session will address how technology was used to modify a course to incorporate constructivist techniques to help students learn this challenging material. Students were given a reading assignment, followed by just-in-time teaching warm-up questions that they answered online before class. The warm-up questions, along with responses to clicker questions followed by peer instruction, helped guide class discussion. This process helped identify areas where students were struggling and pinpoint those that require higher-order thinking skills. Exam results were also used to compare how the current class performed against previous classes.

Lessons Learned from Applying Learning Analytics Data for the Enhancement of Learning and Teaching: A Case Study
Ajmal Sultany, Research Assistant, City University London
In this session, we will provide an overview of lessons learned from using learning analytics to enhance teaching and learning in two modules at City University London. We undertook a three-phase project using learning analytics to explore both student and lecturer engagement in the first year of implementing Moodle as our strategic learning environment. The third phase, the focal point of this presentation, was centered on two in-depth case studies where lecturers were given live data in order to analyze the student experience with blended learning. We will share our findings and lessons learned.