Seminar 03A - Using Pedagogy to Effectively Leverage Technology in Online and Blended Courses

Monday, February 13 | 9:30AM–1:00PM | Meeting Room 615A/B
Session Type: ELI
Emerging technologies have been heralded as providing the opportunity to transform education, learning, and teaching, yet the picture of how such technologies are used is fuzzy. What instructional theories guide the use of emerging technologies in online and blended classes? Does the way we use technologies matter more than the tool we use? Does the use of emerging technologies transcend academic disciplines? If these questions interest you, come join us to learn and share in an open, collaborative, and informative workshop. We will explore how emerging technologies can enhance authentic and social learning experiences through presence, community, interaction, and participation.


  • Ed Bowen

    Director of Outreach & Partner Relations, Dallas College