Setting the Stage for Innovation: A Discussion of Insights from the MISO Survey

Wednesday, February 15 | 9:00AM–10:00AM | Meeting Room 616A/B
Session Type: ELI
At a time when resources remain scarce, IT organizations and libraries must draw extensively upon evidence and analysis to guide us as we seek to support innovation in teaching, learning, and scholarship. Data collected from more than 35,000 faculty and staff responses between 2005 and 2011 offer important insights about millennial undergraduates and about a faculty population that is coming to be defined by emerging younger scholars. Join us for a discussion about the MISO Survey, its methodology, results, and how quantitative data can be a strong foundation of an overall assessment program.

Learning Objectives:
*Gain insights from our survey about what services and resources are valued by students and faculty
*Learn about the effect of faculty age on service perceptions; the effect of student class year on service perceptions; the impact of academic discipline on service perceptions; and customer service and its impact on service perceptions
*Understand the importance of quantitative assessment to an organization's overall assessment strategy
*Learn how a rigorous survey methodology can yield high-response rates and confidence in survey findings
*Understand that survey findings raise questions that additional evaluation can answer