Social Media Basics: Facebook, Twitter, and More

Tuesday, February 14 | 11:00AM–12:00PM | Meeting Room 615A/B
Session Type: ELI
Many people are using social media in their courses and with their students, but some of us are just now ready to learn more about what social media is and how to use it. This session is for people who are just getting started with the basics of social media and is designed to familiarize participants with different social networks, share the basics of how they can be used, and provide best practices on the use of these tools both inside and outside the classroom.

Learning Objectives:
*Learn about the most popular social media tools being used in higher education
*Learn how each tool is being used in higher education
*Be able to effectively evaluate tools for use to meet their own need
*Learn how to use of social media to build professional networks
*Receive an invitation to participate in and join a network related to social media in higher education


  • Shannon Ritter

  • Robin Smail

    Disruptive Technologist, The Pennsylvania State University