The 21st Century Artist/Scholar: The iPad2 as Creative Medium

Tuesday, February 14 | 11:00AM–1:00PM | Grand Ballroom Foyer
Session Type: ELI
This presentation will cover an honors freshman seminar in which students receive a university-owned iPad2 for the intent of developing their skills and knowledge to use personal/mobile technology within the context of artistic and academic work. This course is delivered solely via the iPad2 and includes a faculty-authored textbook (epub with audio and video content) and commercial and faculty developed iPad software, with the intent of teaching how to compose music, apply creative thinking to other disciplines, and engage in the research/creative process in the development and deployment of new technologies. Original student and faculty work will be highlighted.

Learning Objectives:
*Learn about the creative and musical potential of the iPad2 in undergraduate curricula in a group setting
*Identify resources and understand what's needed to enable faculty to develop and publish their own content via in iPad
*Know how to develop collaborative learning activities that encourage the arts and mobile technologies
*Be motivated to consider adopting iPad/mobile technologies that focus on artistic processes in any discipline


  • Brian Moore

    Associate Professor of Music Education, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

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