The Design and Implementation of a Campus-Wide Mobile Learning Initiative

Monday, February 13 | 5:00PM–6:00PM | Salon F
Session Type: ELI
In the Fall of 2011, Anderson University (SC) formally launched the Mobile Learning Initiative (MLI) in which all incoming freshman received iPads. This session discusses and examines the design, development, and implementation of the MLI. Specifically, this session will outline a) the MLI's structure, b) the role of faculty and staff, and c) the challenges of integrating mobile devices in teaching and learning. Additionally, this session will discuss data related to student expectations (initial and realized) as well as faculty successes and challenges in design, development, and implementation.

Learning Objectives:
*Identify the challenges in designing and deploying a large-scale technological initiative*Identify a wide range of assessment strategies
*Plan for the deployment of a mobile learning project


  • Ben Deaton

    Vice President of Technology and Online Learning, Anderson University

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