Training Reading Teachers Online: A Mixed-Method Program Evaluation

Monday, February 13 | 3:45PM–6:00PM | Grand Ballroom Foyer
Session Type: ELI
The purpose of this evaluation was to determine the effectiveness of an online reading-specialist and literacy-instructor training program delivered using a popular LMS. A mixed-method research design was used in conjunction with the improvement-focused model of program evaluation to help the researcher identify strengths and weaknesses. Data showed the program was effectively preparing teachers to become literacy instructors and reading teachers, though literacy instructors felt more prepared. Teachers identified four key areas for program administrators to address. These included issues pertaining to program learning outcomes, state certification exams, and the online environment.

Learning Objectives:
*Learn the nine steps of the improvement-focused model of program evaluation and how they can be implemented
*Understand how to combine the improvement-focused model of program evaluation with a mixed-method research design and why this is an effective combination
*Identify roadblocks to implementing this type of program evaluation and how to overcome them
*Begin to design a personalized program evaluation plan


  • Lisa Snyder

    Coordinator of Educational Planning, Curriculum Design and Assessment, SUNY Empire State University