Understanding Student Use of Digital Learning Resources

Tuesday, February 14 | 2:30PM–3:30PM | Salon F
Session Type: ELI
How do students find, use, and learn from digital resources? We share our analysis of qualitative data gathered from students from 10 institutions to better understand how students supplement their learning with additional resources. Many behaviors were predictable, but others challenge prevailing assumptions about students' digital literacy. Our findings indicate that factors related to discipline, institution, and subject may have strong influence on behavior. Attendees will be asked to share their experiences and guide the second stage of our research.

Learning Objectives:
*Describe the types of content students are seeking, where students turn to find it, how they assess quality, and how they use the materials
*Be able to modify questions developed by the presenters so that they can use them to pursue these lines of questions at their institutions
*Be given examples of how qualitative results can be developed into questions for quantitative (survey) delivery and be able describe the limitations this transition can impose
*Offered the opportunity to engage in this research and learn more about their students' use of digital learning materials


  • Morgan Morgan

    Analyst, Phil Hill & Associates LLC
  • Patsy Moskal

    Director, RITE, University of Central Florida
  • Alan Wolf

    Managing Director, Academic Technology, Harvard University

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