HyFlex, Polling, and Backchannel: A Positive Learning Experience in Large Courses

Monday, February 04 | 3:45PM–4:30PM | Governor's Square 16
Session Type: Professional Development

In a large, introductory statistics course (serving as a general elective course), the instructors used the HyFlex (hybrid-flexible) Model to provide students with a rich, flexible learning experience, timely feedback, and a seamless experience to attend lecture in three ways: online synchronous, online asynchronous, and in person. This session is modeled after the course, so be prepared to engage with the presenters the way students do in the class. Technology used for the HyFlex Model includes web conferencing, SMS polling, and backchannel conversation. Research findings from three terms will be shared.

Learning Objectives:
* Learn how HyFlex can be an important model for large course design
* Learn how students at Ohio State experienced the HyFlex Model
* Learn about technology solutions to implement a HyFlex experience at your home institutions
* Receive two versions of the 7 Things You Should Know About HyFlex (from EDUCAUSE and Ohio State)
* Receive a checklist for how to build the necessary local team and acquire the technology to effectively begin using HyFlex