Preparing Online Learners for Success

Tuesday, February 05 | 11:00AM–1:00PM | Plaza Exhibit
Session Type: Professional Development

The University of Central Florida developed an orientation for online students to reduce the risk of failure, engage students, and support students. The orientation uses testimonials from online students to dispel myths and educate students about online courses. In addition, we are collecting data to improve the orientation and student success.

Learning Objectives:
* Identify misconceptions and problems new students encounter in higher education
* Identify potential methods to engage students and improve success
* Identify research used to develop the student orientation
* Outline stages of development including research, resources, tools, and deployment
* Identify information collected


  • Linda Futch

    Interim Director, Instructional Design, University of Central Florida
  • Beth Nettles

    Manager, Learning Content Development, University of Central Florida

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