The LMS Evaluation 2.0: What's Different This Time Around?

Monday, February 03 | 3:20PM–3:45PM
Session Type: Professional Development

So much has changed in the landscape of higher education: we have tweeting professors, thousands of students in a single MOOC, and students reading their texts on digital devices. But one item has remained relatively constant: most campuses support a single learning management system, often the one chosen when LMSs first started appearing. As companies have consumed one another and homegrown products have gone commercial, the number of LMSs available has shrunk. Is your campus thinking about changing its LMS? This session will focus on evaluation criteria and the principles an institution should consider when choosing a new LMS.

OUTCOMES: Understand how the learning technology landscape in higher education has changed, and the directions of that change, since universities chose their first learning management systems a decade ago * Obtain a list of areas to consider when focusing on possible learning technology changes that may take place over the next decade * Obtain a list of items to consider when evaluating an LMS in the new higher education landscape


  • Victoria Getis

    Senior Director, Teaching & Learning Technologies, Northwestern University

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