New Learning Designs

Tuesday, February 10 | 11:45AM–12:30PM | California B, Second Floor
Session Type: Professional Development
What Makes New Learning Spaces Work? New Research on the Importance of Social Context
J. D. Walker, Research Associate, University of Minnesota
According to the research, new technology-enhanced active learning spaces improve students' learning outcomes and experiences; however, we don't yet know exactly how these environments achieve this result. This session will examine the construct of "social context" as a key mechanism that enables these changes and present the results of two new studies analyzing data from a validated instrument designed to measure it. One study examines a large-N data set and analyzes how social context varies across classroom size, ethnicity, age, and gender; the second study compares social context and its impact across traditional and active learning classrooms.

OUTCOMES: Understand the research base regarding ALCs and social context * Recognize the role of social context in different types of learning spaces * Prepare to design an investigation of changes in social context related to learning space

Technology Innovation: From Development to Assessment and Back Again
Jason Fish, Director of Informatics, Purdue University
Anecdotal evidence of faculty adding or removing technology for teaching and learning is no longer enough. The focus is instead on the impact of the technology and its effectiveness. How then does a team or organization traditionally charged with the creation or implementation of technology keep up? In this session, we will explore how this change in focus has become a catalyst for improving the use of technology through analysis, campus partnerships, and innovating in educational design research.

OUTCOMES: Identify strategic partners throughout your organization * Learn how IT can ease the burden of carrying out research projects in teaching and learning * Analyze the effectiveness of new approaches to supporting faculty implementation of technology


  • Paul Baepler

    Research Associate, University of Minnesota
  • Jason Fish

    Director, Teaching and Learning Technologies, Purdue University
  • Kevin O'Shea

    Manager, Innovations in Teaching and Learning, Purdue University
  • J. D. Walker

    Research Associate, University of Minnesota
  • Casey Wright

    Senior Application Developer, Purdue University

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