Active Learning Classroom as a Platform for HyFlex Delivery: A Journey of Student-Centered Learning for Today and Tomorrow

Tuesday, May 18 | 12:15PM–12:35PM ET
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: Simulive Session

While the pandemic may have been the disrupter, it may have launched endless possibilities for the future of education. We have all heard of online, hybrid, or blended classes, but the newest model being talked about is HyFlex. The HyFlex Learning Model combines elements of both online and classroom-based learning by taking a hybrid class to a new level of flexibility where students customize their educational experience to their individual needs and learning preferences. Does this sound familiar in the COVID-world, where many of us are attempting to balance learner needs, multiple modalities, and ever-tightening budgets? Learn about one university’s journey to build on lessons learned from its active learning classroom to transform delivery that embraced student flexibility. Hear how they utilized empathy, space, and pain points to test new models of multi-modal instruction that encompass active learning, equitable access, and participation. Understand the pros and cons from the instructor and student perspectives and why this learning model might be here to stay in a post-pandemic world.


  • Sandra Bailey

    Professor, Oregon Institute of Technology
  • Sharon Beaudry

    Associate Professor, Oregon Institute of Technology
  • Andrew Kim

    Manager, WorkSpace Futures, Steelcase Education