Creating the New Normal with Course Materials

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Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: On-Demand

Academic institutions have long delegated the provision of course materials to the campus bookstore. Many library collection policies exclude textbooks, focusung on research over teaching. The Marydean Martin Library at Nevada State sought to change this dynamic by designing a six-week summer institute for instructors to convert their courses to use no-cost online textbooks. The cumulative savings of this initiative exceeds $750,000. In this session we will share our experience recruiting and working with instructors to adopt no-cost textbook solutions. We will also present faculty feedback from the institute, as well as student data showing improved success rates for students who enrolled in converted course sections.


  • Tiffany Garrett

    Assistant Library Director, Nevada State College, Henderson
  • Nathaniel King

    Director of Library Services, Nevada State College, Henderson