Equitable Access to Digital Textbooks: Flat-Rate Subscription Model Distributed through the Learning Management System

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Session Type: Industry and Campus Session
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Do you remember the days when you had to visit a store or website and purchase videos or music individually? Do you remember when you had to return your movie when you were finished with it? Do you stream your music and movies from the cloud today for one monthly subscription charge, regardless of how many or few movies you consume that month? Would you prefer to go back to visiting a store and purchasing things individually and returning them when finished? College students still, for the most part, acquire their textbooks using the Blockbuster / Tower Records method of the past. In this session, you will learn how UC Davis and Vitalsource moved the UC Davis textbook program from the individual-purchase model to a cloud-based streaming subscription model with a flat rate.


  • Jason Lorgan

    Executive Director, Student Affairs, University of California, Davis
  • Ryan Petersen

    CEO, Verba Software