Hear from Students Directly about Their Experiences with Technology

On Demand
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: On-Demand
How have students been using technology during the pandemic to learn, access support services, and find community? How well are institutions navigating the new hybrid worlds of work and learning? Are equity gaps widening or closing? We will discuss and answer these questions by bringing together personal and national perspectives. It will be a chance to hear directly from a diverse panel of students about their personal experiences. brightspot will also share results from our recent student experience survey to bring a national perspective. Together, these stories and stats will help institutions make the shift from looking for college-ready students to becoming a student-ready college or university as they reimagine the programs, services, and facilities they offer, how they operate, and how they are organized.


  • Elliot Felix

    Founder, Brightspot Strategy, LLC
  • Tatiana Garcia

    Senior Strategist, Brightspot Strategy, LLC