How to Do It: Expanding Assessment Evidence to Support Learner Equity with Digital Credentials

On Demand
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: On-Demand

Institutional leaders discuss the intersection of implementing digital credentials programs and showcasing student learning achievements of all types. Digital badges and comprehensive learner records allow institutions to recognize learners’ achievements as they progress through their learning journey. Even if learners must pause their journey, they have tangible evidence of their learning. Widening the evidence base for assessment allows more learners to achieve the outcomes needed to be successful. Implementing and maintaining these programs allows institutions to shed light on barriers to learning and achievement. Awarding digital credentials to your learners allows them to identify and articulate their strengths. Many candidates opt out of applying for a job because they feel they aren’t qualified, but having a credentialing system that helps them better understand their knowledge and skills opens up more employment opportunities. This session is a panel discussion that shares how different institutions leverage their credentials programs to meet student learning needs and institutional goals. These institutions have real-world, proven, track-record-over-time solutions, so you will get actual “how to do it” information and examples that benefit learners and your institution.


  • Sherri Braxton Castanzo

    Senior Director for Digital Innovation, Bowdoin College
  • Luke Dowden

    Chief Online Learning Officer and Associate Vice Chancellor, Alamo Community College District Central Office
  • Kelly Hoyland

    Director, Higher Education Programs, 1EdTech
  • Jeffrey King

    Executive Director, CETTL, University of Central Oklahoma