Instructional Design Outside the Lines: Creatively Repurposing Technology for Holistic Student Success

On Demand
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: On-Demand

Change is a constant in the realm of teaching and learning, which often requires utilizing existing technology in creative ways to meet the evolving demands of students, faculty, and staff. Instructional designers at the University of Florida’s Center for Instructional Technology and Training have leveraged the learning management system and other readily available technologies to create solutions for the entire student experience—from academics to student services to behind-the-scenes faculty workshops and professional development opportunities. In this session, presenters will share new services and innovations beyond traditional course development that their centrally located instructional design unit has developed and offered through our LMS to benefit students, academic advisors, administrators, and faculty across campus. Participants will explore the developmental process, key collaborators, and outcomes that showcase use in academics, student services, and faculty development. Through guided reflections, participants will identify potential areas of growth for teams and services at their institution and locate offices and contacts that may facilitate these conversations.


  • Shannon Dunn

    Senior Strategic Consultant, Vantage Technology Consulting Group
  • Allyson Haskell

    Instructional Designer, University of Florida
  • Leslie Mojeiko

    Instructional Designer, University of Florida