Strategies for Transforming Experiential Learning through Digital Means

Tuesday, May 18 | 2:30PM–2:50PM ET
Session Type: Industry and Campus Session
Delivery Format: Simulive Session

Experiential learning is a cornerstone of innovative education. Traditional, in-person experiential learning such as internships is one of the best ways for students to apply the knowledge they learned at school to the real world. Students are also able to develop and hone skills beyond those learned in the classroom. Unfortunately, the pandemic brought about challenges for the delivery of traditional experiential learning. With employers’ offices closed, students were no longer able to access in-person internships. For underserved students, the pandemic exacerbated issues of access to experiential learning opportunities. Students in non-business or STEM programs, in rural geographies, and from certain socioeconomic backgrounds had even greater difficulty in finding experiential learning opportunities. As with many things during this time, the solution is to go digital. In this session, Riipen’s CEO, Dana Stephenson, will be joined by Jeff Holm, Vice Provost for Online Education and Strategic Planning at the University of North Dakota, to share their insights. They will guide institutions on how to successfully incorporate digital experiential learning into programs and curriculums. The digital transformation of experiential education has benefits to an institution, its educators, and (most importantly) its students far beyond the pandemic. Developing the structure, processes, and technology early will pay dividends long after.


  • Jeff Holm

    Vice Provost - Strategic Programming & Special Initiatives, University of North Dakota
  • Dana Stephenson

    Co-Founder and CEO, Riipen